Italian Sausage Ragout with Roasted Celery Root

Sundays call for comforting one pot meals that require little of you, but give a whole lot in return. This ragout does exactly that, and is even better because it’s done in a hour, keeping you from committing a full day of being within a 10 foot radius of the kitchen. Once prepped, it’s a matter of throwing the ingredients into a large pot, the rest in the oven, and chilling with a good book while the low heat from your stove does it’s thing. The result is uber-comfort food to the max.

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What’s in season? My 5 favorite springtime fruits and vegetables

Buying produce that’s in season is one of my favorite ways to make the nutritious meals I cook more delicious than they would be otherwise. That’s why over the past few months my plates have been filled with many roots and tubers, citrus, and mostly vegetables of the cruciferous variety. As much as I love them, I’m butternut squash’d, potato’d, and mandarin’d out. I’m ready for a whole new host of produce varieties to grace my plate in the name of Spring. This is another great benefit of eating with the seasons: just when you think you’re sick of all a season has to offer, we’re moving on with changing weather and changing tastes and flavors.


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Asparagus and Chicken Stir-Fry

As much as I love cooking and creating new things in the kitchen, sometimes I just want something simple that can be thrown together with barely any effort.  For those weekday nights where the last thing I want to is to spend an hour or more in the kitchen just to see all that work disappear in 20 minutes or less.  When you work nine hour days, your weekday evening hours become very precious, and so, enter this asparagus and chicken stir-fry.


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Actually, you don’t need eight 8 ounce glasses of water every day

Back in 2013 was when I first realized how woefully under-hydrated I was. I had just started my first 9-5 desk job and found myself surrounded by coworkers, each with a neoprene water bottle filled to the brim in their cubicles, and all strangely obsessed with keeping the communal Brita filter full AT ALL TIMES. Are you drinking coffee? If so, you better drink at least double what you had in water to cancel out the dehydrating effects! Their example, combined with a pretty regular stream of H20 reminders from department Wellness Teams and HR-run hydration challenges, caused me to seriously up my water intake.


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Four reasons why I walk for health and fitness

Four reasons why I walk for health and fitness

In a society whose health and fitness industry touts intense, “go hard or go home” style workouts as the be-all end-all of attaining the perfect body you want, walking for health and fitness kind of feels like a joke.  You’re telling me slow, methodical movement is going to get me healthy and fit?  It’s hard to believe when you can easily consult Google and find hundreds of strength, conditioning, and cardio workouts that claim to help you shed the extra fat and finally become the healthier person you’ve been aspiring to be.  But if you start with walking, which is extremely approachable and sustainable, you’re much more likely to stick with the lifestyle changes you’ve set out to make – like diet and stress management.

The reality is that pushing yourself into an intense and grueling workout routine as you try to navigate a new way of eating and living isn’t sustainable unless you have no job, no family or friends, and all the time in the world.  I made the same mistakes throughout my early twenties, signing up for god-awful “butt-busting” cardio and 6am spin classes that I knew I didn’t like or want to do, but “that’s just what you do” if you want to be healthy and get in shape.  I would never stick with it, and soon my newfound healthy eating would also go out the window, and I’d be back at square one. Continue reading “Four reasons why I walk for health and fitness”

Roasted Greek Romanesco

Is it weird to find a vegetable to be absolutely beautiful?  When I stumbled upon these guys in the market a few weeks ago, that was my first thought.  I instinctively picked up a few and put them in my basket, having no idea how I’d cook or eat them.  The only thing I knew was that their fractal-esque, spiral-upon-spiral shape was freaking cool.  (Fun fact: the number of spirals on a head of romanesco is a Fibonacci number!)


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